Saturday, February 02, 2019

Education - A view from someone that has gone through the system

Below are some comments from an Anonymous bloggers in mysingaporenews about how the people felt about the education system in Singapore.
Anonymous said...
In some JCs, before each child starts the journey, it is a foregone conclusion up to almost 20% of the JC1 students will not make the cut at the EOY (end of yr) examination and up to another 60% scrapped through by a margin thinner than the hair strand and will NOT make it to the uni too?

Thats why parents are so relaxed and dun need worry anything at all despite spending all the resources to bring up their child till 16+ yo (only to be "wasted" in "ruthless experimentation" and cannot make it teaching)

One parent in 2016 whose son studied in a sch in the middle of sinkieland almost VOMITTED blood after the MYE parent meeting session talking to his son's chers he broke his (PA)Piggy bank spending almost $3,000 a month hiring tutors for almost every subject for his son to circumvent the problem his child was facing in the sch teaching "system".

So if a parent really is a "nut case" and does nothing but sit back and relax, then the child "could be doomed"?

Empirically, the more than $1,000,000,000 tuition industry may have been grossly underestimated bc there is no systematic statistic/ data collection to account for all the spending incurred by parents. If can really sit back and relax, why parents are mad ah and spend many billions of dollars collectively to circumvent the problems their child are facing in the sch?

MOE entire budget are also billions of dollars per year and parents need to spend another billions on tuition to make up for the short fall?

Typically the tuition demand steadily builds up each year starting from Jan. Every sch engagement exercise or meet parent session caused many parents to go away feeling ever more depressed and more worried than ever like the parent in 2016 mentioned above and for the sake of their child reluctantly do (HUGE) DAMAGE to their (PA)Piggy bank account by coughing out thousands each month on their child's tuition

The more parents engaged the chers, the more worried they are? What have they heard that caused them to go away feeling so worried sick and depressed? The conclusion they have after each talking session with chers? If they have confidence in them, why the parents want to break and damage their(PA)Piggy bank accounts severely after each meet the parent session?

This is the future that sinkies are facing?

Brighter than the SUN (and brightest FULL MOON combined)?

(Ai rest mind case.)

PS: The chers are the real stupid pple if they think parents dunno how fark up the way that their child has to go through and endure in sch?

If not parents are nuts ah to spend another billions on tuition on top of the billions already spend by MOE each year?

If parents really stupid and think are shitty propaganda and not deeper meaning than their child's future as bright as the darkness in the cold winter nights liao (in the Artic Circle)?

The fact that each year parents are coughing out billions on tuition speak otherwise?

Now those who read it as shitty propaganda realised how STUPID or not they are?

RB legendary quote: "STUPIDITY HAS NO CURE!!!"