Thursday, July 13, 2006

Problems facing international students studying in Singapore

I had mediated few cases of disputes between China Students and the Private education Schools/Association of xxx xxxx etc. recently.

During the mediation, I realised that :
1) The China Students are paying more than S$13,000 each for a 3 - 4 years course to unheard of private schools or Some So-called Association of XXX XXX.

2) After 2 - 3 years of studies here and about to graduate and yet these students are unable to converse in simple English.

3) A group of students (including Singaporeans) attending a so-called US University conducting degree courses in Singapore. Upon investigations by the "undergraduates", the University does not even have a campus in US. It only has a mail box address in US.

I heard/understand from the mass media that many China Students are being attracted to Singapore to study because of our bilingual policy and they believe that they can get quality education here, epecially to learn English. From my encounters with these students and some private education institutions, I really feel very sad for the China students.

My assessment is that these students are wasting their time and money getting sub-standard education and unrecognised or unheard of qualifications. Now, these cases may look like it concerns only the China students themselves. These private institutions are in fact tarnishing the reputation of our education standard in Singapore in the long run. If nothing is done to see that foreign students are being guided, lead to the correct education school/path.

The above is a comment by a consultant on his experience with China students.

Students who are unfamiliar with the Singapore Education Industry should consult reputable organisations here before committing themselves to any schools/universities. They may contact ACISS, Association of International Students (Singapore) at 96433676 or 97500206 for assistance.


Saad Amir said...

Many students face the problem. Who are studing in other countries this was very good to highlight the problems for the international students.
regards, saad from

Elaine Chang said...

The best place to find out if the private school is recognized by Singapore government is CPE which is Council for Private Education Singapore. The website is