Wednesday, February 25, 2009

4 more private schools closed - be careful

For the last one year 11 private schools have closed due to lack of students. Some students are still trying to claim back their tuition fees from the schools. As reported in Today paper,'Two -language scholls Goro Global School and Britannia School of education - have yet to repay their students fees amounting to some $33,000.

Students are warned to make sure that the schools they are enrolling into are Case Trusted. Seah Choon Seng, ED of Case, advised 'students planning to enrol here to ensure their fees are adequately protected. They may choose to leave their fees with the Student Tuition Fee Account or Escrow Scheme, or take up a Student Tuition Fee Insurance.'

In the case of Escrow scheme, the fees will be left in the custody of a third party or Case endorsed banks.

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