Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bouquet for NorthLight School

Mrs Chang Wai Leng wrote to the Straits Times.

My son Chang Shu Ren was featured in Monday's report on NorthLight School, 'Success on their "last chance". He had always struggled academically and was going nowhere in his studies. So it was a joy to me when NorthLight was set up in 2007.

I asked the principal, Mrs Chua Yen Ching, to make an exception and admit him. I had faith that a school with a mission to give a second chance to the academically weak and equip them with the right skills and attitude to succeed in life was the best place for my child.

And our family has been richly rewarded by the growth in confidence and maturity of our son. If there is one word that best describes NorthLight, it is 'heart'. Everything is done for the good of its students and their families.

This heart thing is quite losing its existence in a materialistic city like ours. Good to hear that heart is still around.

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Speedwing said...

It is very encouraging to hear a happy story from time to time. In this materialistic world, especially in Singapore, it is so good to know that " heart " still exist. We need more of the same.