Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another private school closed down

The MOE is investigating the sudden closing down of a private school offering degree courses from the University of Wales. The Turning Point Business School offered degree courses including MBAs in strategic supply chain management, Islamic banking and finance and risk management. The fees could be as high as $20,000.

The University of Wales has since terminated its partnership with the school. Its owner, a Manish Brahmbhatt is uncontactable and is believed to have left Singapore.
Students who have enrolled in the school were experiencing earlier signs of trouble when classes were often postponed. They are now trying to recover the fees paid to the school. Potential students to private schools better beware that any signs of irregularities should be seen as a warning to them.

The MOE has since set up a Council for Private Education(CPE) to oversee private schools in Singapore. All private schools have to register with the CPE by this June. Only about a quarter have done which is a sign that many would not make it for reasons of compliance to the higher requirements of the CPE.

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