Thursday, June 16, 2011

An aberration in the education of Indians

Sinda is concerned that one in four Indian students scored less than a C grade in PSLE examination. They are reviewing the teaching methods to correct this anomaly.

I think they should not be unduly alarmed by the slightly underperformance at primary level. From the performance of adult Indians, the reverse is true, that Indians are great in mathematics and numbers. They are producing a lot of world class programmers and IT professionals in a field where mathematics and logical thinking are a must. Then all the top finance professionals in the island are Indians, from the Finance Minister, CEO of MAS, CEO of DBS, Citigroup and many other finance institutions are Indians. Their ability for mathematics cannot be bad.

What this proof is that the Indians may be slower in developing their mathematical prowess. But they will catch up in no time to be the best of the best. There is not much cause to worry about. They will all end up well and surpass the national average. Unless of course the gene pool has been changed or degraded. This is unlikely to be so as Tharman has noted, ‘the Indian community had made “significant progress” in the past 20 years,….’ They can only get better.

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