Friday, July 08, 2011

Only 328 left

After an 18 month time frame for all private schools to meet the stringent criteria laid out by the Council for Private Education and to register with the Council, only 328 met the deadline on 20 June 2011. This is a shrinkage from about 1000 private schools. Some merged with bigger schools and some simply folded up.

The 328 left are schools that are much well organised and reliable to take on the role of providing good private educations to students who are paying good money and a high expectation that the money and time will be well spent.

Going forward, the private schools are expected to stabilise and with lesser upheavals or risk of closing down though such an eventuality cannot be totally ruled out. Private school students could now study in peace knowing that the govt is there to ensure that the schools are up to it to deliver what they set out to.

Students who have problems can always approach the CPE and various other govt agencies for assistance.

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