Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More regulations on Private Schools

‘Private schools will be banned form using misleading advertising claims such as “guaranteed success in life” under a new code released yesterday.’ This about sums up the new initiative of the Council for Private Education(CPE).

Private schools that used to glorify their abilities with big claims and achievements will no longer be allowed to do so under the new regulation on private education in the island. Advertisements have to be truthful, claims have to be substantiated, be fair to other education providers, observe social values and maintain integrity and responsibility without attempts to exploit fears and concerns of prospective students.

According to the CPE’s CEO, Henry Heng, ‘Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that students and prospective students are given accurate information upon which they can make informed decisions.’

The latest development is good for the industry and students can feel better now that the CPE is taking proactive actions to restrain the excessive freedom of private schools in their advertising for students. What is unfortunate is that as educators, they should be more circumscribed and avoid such measures taken by the CPE. Private schools have a big responsibility in not only education per se but also in the imparting of good values and social responsibilities to their students through their good conduct and business practices.

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