Friday, March 22, 2013


Eliademy, a free online classroom from Finland democratizes education with technology.

CBTec is launching Eliademy a free online classroom that supports educators and students, enabling them to create, share and manage courses. It is available for anybody to teach and learn any subject, for free. Eliademy mission is to democratize education with technology. “We want to change the global educational system”, commented Sotiris Makrygiannis, co-founder and CEO.

Eliademy disrupts online course management market with simple design and outstanding technical engineering making it accessible for any generation from digital natives to baby boomers. “With Eliademy, we bring modern Internet service innovation in design and usability to educators and students all around the world for free” stated Sergey Gerasimenko, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at CBTec, company behind Eliademy.

Eliademy is a dynamic platform that can be used by both universities and corporate organizations as virtual learning environment. Furthermore, it can also be used as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platform where anyone can teach anyone online. It supports all basic learning system features such as course content, file attachments, tasks and forum discussion, but also goes beyond it. With instant cloud based document preview student will never need to purchase Microsoft Office license to open documents. Simple to use grading system will help teacher to have holistic overview of student’s progress. Shared calendar and reminders will help to optimize day-to-day activities. And smart notifications mechanism will help students to be up to date all-important events, never missing an important class again.

Eliademy’s mission is to democratize education comes from belief that education should be available to all and everywhere. Going back to history, ancient Greek philosopher Plato started the first Academy in the world in an olive tree grove (elia in Greek). It was a remarkable event that laid the foundation for human education. However, Plato’s Academy was available only for people of Athens those days. CBTec believes education should be available to all people of the world (demos in greek), thus we created digital olive grove for anybody to teach or learn -

Eliademy is created by CBTec, a company founded by ex-Nokia MeeGo team who previously delivered all open source Nokia phones such as N900 and N9. It and has been developed in Finland, world leader in education, together with best universities, educators, organizations and students.

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