Monday, February 03, 2014

MOE thinking frugal

Front page news in the ST, ‘Funding cuts of top independent schools in Spore’. The MOE is cutting funds to the top 6 independent schools and on top of that it is telling them to moderate fund raising activities for campus upgrading. The schools have been told to switch classroom ventilation from air conditioners to fans.

This is definitely a costing cutting measure. The question is why? Not enough funds or curbing on excessive expenditure on perks and luxuries? Many parents see this as a good move, to stop schools from going wild with money and what money can buy for comfort and the non essentials.

While the MOE is cutting such funding, presumably to curb waste, hopefully the savings would not be diverted to provide more scholarships and assistance to foreign students here. And hopefully there will also be substantive cuts on funding for foreign students and divert the money saved to assist the children of citizens. I said children of citizens, not children of locals. Must make this doubly clear.

So, what’s up MOE?

PS. I must acknowledge that we have the finest and most modern infrastructure for our schools. Not very sure about the software, which so far has proven to be quite shitty as we are producing duds that cannot compete with 3rd World talents who comfortably came here to replace our local talents from our education system in top jobs. What kind of shit is happening? Don’t ask me for answers.

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