Monday, October 10, 2016

A post on Singapore Education in TRE

Read this article then you will understand the ridiculous stress & large financial expenses that young S’porean students & their parents are subjected to. I can understand if parents think that it’s an investment for their children, but in today’s technologically-driven environment, would such investments pay back in the future given the foreigner influx & the poor job creation situation in Singapore.

The education process in Singapore is so stressful, expensive & time-consuming but is it worth in terms of payback? Frankly, NO! S’pore’s educational system is not state-of-the-Art!

Back between 1980s to 1990s, a degree would have meant lots of jobs, high pay & no waiting period between leaving a job & finding another. Educational investment then would have been worthwhile but it was only at best an exceptional decade of payback.

Post-2000s, many became unemployed; underemployed or forced into early retirement! Today, many could only think about the good old days which are never coming back! – Many PMEs made redundant Post-2000 spent monies retraining & taking courses only to find themselves competing against hordes of foreigners willing to undercut in terms of salary.

They thought it was cyclical but it was actually a Fundamental Structural Shift! Frankly, migrating would have been a better option! – A degree would be relatively worthless these days because you would be competing against fake, forged or bought degree holders brought in through the open-door policy.

I see a lot of bright, young degree/diploma holders being reduced to touting; employed by banks to sell financial products at MRT stations to any walking person passing by! It’s a waste of talent when they should be formulating on-line websites to sell instead. But this is the nature of Singapore economy – Misusing human resources to grind out small gains by working them hard & for what?

Olympic Gold winner Joseph Schooling had to go to the US to further his swimming career at the age of 14 years old. He won Olympic Gold because he went to a State-of-the-Art system which provides leading edge training systems as well as dietitian programs designed for sports nutrition & recovery!

If you want your children to have a good education, either migrate as a family or send them abroad to the best Western schools. Otherwise, you’re just throwing money into the drain. THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM HAS FAILED!

*Comment first appeared on TRE.

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