Sunday, December 04, 2005

Accommodation, hostels, private flats

There are several choices of accommodation that are available to foreign students. Students in government universities and some schools are provided with accommodations in their own hostels. These are perhaps the best options available, very well run and managed. But cost wise it is not cheap but not unnecessarily expensive either.

Some private schools also provide their own hostels or have arrangements with private hostels for their students. Then there are the private individuals and families who have a spare room or even whole flats to be let out to students. For these the students would have to take care of themselves. Some provide food as well. In the case of several students sharing a flat, they are all on their own, including laundry and preparing their own food.

Normally in share accommodations, hostels included, two or more students may share a bedroom. Some hostels may provide single occupancy at a higher cost.

The average cost for room sharing varies from S$150 to $300, depending on the type of flats or house, government or private properties and distance from the city.

So far most students find it quite easy to adapt to their new environment in a foreign land. For younger children, most schools would require a guardian to take care of the students. The schools or service providers could recommend guardians for the students and the cost is between S$800 to $1,700 per month. The guardians will normally act as the foster parent of sort to look after the child's needs and to deal with the schools on matters concerning the child.

Food in Singapore is relatively cheap if the student is prepared to eat like the locals in food courts or coffee shops. A meal can be had for between $3 to $5. Those who are able to cook and share the cost will probably make do with lesser cost.

For entertainment, the students can engage in many sports that are freely available or visit the parks. Some may spend more in the sophisticated clubs or movie theatres etc. Many who do not want to spend too much may find people watching people a good way of passing time in the busy orchard road belt or in posh shopping centres.

The life of a student is as interesting as they can make them out to be. And not necessarily to be expensive.

List of Hostels
1. Adage Boarding & Student Services tel: 63455929
2. Balestier Student's Hostel
3. Goodman Eduserve tel: 63457536
4. Amsen International Hostel tel: 62356409
5. D Sophia Lodging tel: 63374733
6. Eton Hall Services tel: 62721201
7. International Student Support Centre tel: 68373106
8. Luxury Boarding House tel: 67457129
9. Nanyang Girls Boarding School tel: 64698248
10. Oldham Hall ACS tel: 62528513
11. Sunshine International Student Lodge tel: 63489230
12. Trinity Student Services tel: 64463376
13. Waterloo Hostel tel: 63366555


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