Monday, December 05, 2005

School List

All information on government schools and junior colleges are available in the Ministry of Education website.

A complete list of schools can is also available at:

2 Singapore operated international secondary schools that are supported by the government are:

1. Anglo Chinese School International
2. Hwa Chong International

Private International Schools:

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yang said...

I am Tricia. I am from Myanmar. I want to study GCE A level in Singapore. So, i am finding the school which suitable to me. And i also want to know some information. I have finish my IGCSE level and i have a good result in chemistry, physics, A Math and E Math but i am worse at English. And i don't take Biology in my O level but i want to study medical at university so can i attend A level at Singapore. And i also want to know the good school at Singapore and the school fees and duration. And i also want to know how is it different between 1 year course and 2 yr course. I want to know suggestion. thanks a lot.
I am looking forward to hear from you.