Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another private school closes

Tyndale Institute, run by a Guo Qiao Li, is closing and Guo Qiao Li will be facing charges of breaking private education regulations. She had operated two other schools that were also in trouble. The school was conducting first degree course linked to University of Sunderland in England. In 2008, her other school, Shines College also ran foul of the regulations and she and her managers were charged in court.

About 200 students were affected and efforts are being made to transfer them to other private schools. Half of the students are foreigners and have paid fees of $10,000 to $20,000 each. The tightening of regulations and enforcement had helped in a big way to protect the tuition fees of these students and to minimize disruption in their studies. It could have been worst for the students if the system is not in place for such failures.

At its peak there were more than 1,000 private schools operating here. The stringent regulations introduced to curb unreliable operators have shrunk the number of private schools to 350 today. The state of private schools in the island has stabilized somewhat but it will take more time to weed out all the weak operators and provide students with a more reliable education environment here.

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