Thursday, December 29, 2011

More tightening of regulations on private education

Only 353 private schools are left after the last round of flushing. The number of schools left standing in another round of qualification checks and tightening will see the number shrinks to about 100. For the moment, 200 of the schools are only operating under a one year provisional license issued by the Council of Private Education and they have to satisfy more stringent criteria if their licenses are to be extended.

The stage is set for the number of private schools to go down. And this is not a bad thing really as those that survived the cut will be stronger and more credible operators, with better management and finances. Foreign students could feel safer to register in private schools here by next year and have lesser fear of being thrown out of their classes midway for all the bad reasons.

The restructuring and strict regulations will be for the better of everyone. This is what Singapore stood for. The deregulation craze to allow shady characters to do as they pleased was an uncalled for exuberance that Singapore had to pay a high price for it. Hope this crazy deregulation thing will be tighten across other industries as well. When people are left on their own to make money at all costs, the real thugs beneath the thin fa├žade of civility will surface quickly to the demise of the industry, but not after leaving behind a carnage of victims.

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